Have you been wondering how to create a CATEGORY? , or you always find it difficult to understand what is category actually meant, you are so fortunate to come across this post, am saying this is right the place, because in here, I will be walking you through a thorough tutorial on the following topics :

  • What is a Category?
  • How to create Category
  • Usefulness of category

What is a Category?
Category is the method of classifying or a system of grouping your posts into different pages. I know you might still not understand, but let me split this up, assuming you have written some posts about sport, let say, you have a total number of 20 posts on your blog or website, inclusively, you have like 10 posts based on football, 2 posts based on rugby, 5 posts on basket ball and 3 posts may be about golf, basically, the totality of your posts is 20, all on one page on your blog, let’s say they are all on homepage |HOME| on your blog, but you’ve always wanted to make your readers comfortable by reducing their stress on scrolling and scrolling all over your blog before they actually get what they want to read, we would have suggest to them to use the search button, but unfortunately, they might not even remember the title of the particular post they wanted to read, this is where Category works!, after you have created navigation menu pages like having something looks like this >> “HOME|FOOTBALL|RUGBY|BASKET B|GOLF”, then we can proceed adding posts to each one of them by using category, where all football posts will go under football page and basketball posts under basket b e.t.c. If you didn’t know how to create this kind of pages, you can read this post where I have explained vividly on how to add and create menu pages on wordpress.

Now you have had a clear understanding of what category is all in relation to, but there is still a question growling on your mind, I guess. “How can I create that category?”, relax !, am going to explain all of that in this post.

Some Unique Works “Category” Does
There are many reasons you might want to use category as I have listed above, below are some additional facts about category:

  1.  It creates some basic and fast accessibility to your reader.
  2.  It reduces internet stress of scrolling all over the home page.
  3.  It entices and encourages readers to engage on your site.
  4.  It allows you to put different posts under different pages

Create Your Category
Step 1: log in to your site dashboard >>> (Example:
Step 2: keep an eye at the left side of the displayed screen, move your cursor on “post”. You are going to see something similar to the following screenshot.


Step 3: you will see a dropdown listed some options like ( All post, Add New, Category, Tags), then go ahead and click “category”


Step 4: Fill the empty box that shows name with anything you want to name your category, then click “Add New category” at the bottom.
Let me know if this post help in one way or the other, I will like to say your comments strengthen me more and more


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